Project Portfolio

The personal portfolio of projects by Jason Lewallen

Professional Projects

HouseCanary’s Acquisition Explorer
A brand new interactive Buy Box solution for real estate investors. Create custom Buy Boxes, review real time matches, and use the power of HouseCanary as your national brokerage to research, evaluate, and purchase your next investment faster and more informed than ever before.
Return Path’s Partner Platform
Monitoring platform of email deliverability for ESPs. A single solution built for email service providers that allows you to see what’s happening across your entire infrastructure.
Return Path’s Inbox Insight
Email marketing campaign competitive intelligence tool. Inbox Insight drives engagement to get you noticed by ensuring your messages resonate with subscribers.

Personal Projects

Data with Babish

Web scraping, recipe parsing, youtube show data and relationship modeling pet-project. Guests, cultural references, recipe and ingredient breakdowns.

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Using Python to Analyze the Recipes of Binging with Babish
Our previous assumption about ingredient information being in a consistent format is quickly falling apart. We will need a better approach...
RP Pushes
Coordinating Deployment of Code Across Multiple Teams & Projects. Integrations with source control (Github) and project trackers (JIRA) to organize releases, with multi-user live-updating web application for managing the release workflow.
RP Process Dashboard
System Health Dashboard with Process Documentation. Actionable process observability metrics, recent logs and process documentation for on-call triage of issues.
RP Office Maps
Office Map and Google Calendar Integration. Search for available meeting rooms, office resources like printers and facilities, and assigned desk locations of your peers. Annotated office seating map